Eco Church

We as a Church have made a real commitment to the environment – to be as green as we can be as a Church and a congregation. There is an eco group that meets on a regular basis to discuss how we can make for of a difference and less of an impact! In addition, we also run a number of events aimed at encouraging green activities and celebrating the environment.

We have won the ‘Eco-Congregation’ award for the last 3 years.

We currently do the following at the Church (and more)

  • Provide recycling bins for all users
  • Recycle all our waste paper and paper products
  • Recycle milk bottle tops
  • Recycle metals and plastics (where possible)
  • Use energy saving lighting (where possible)
  • Composting
  • Keep the lights off when not in use
  • Use thermostat controlled heating (where possible)
  • All staff encouraged to cycle
  • Area of garden dedicated to wild growth
  • Sharing of produce and other goods on a Sunday morning

For more details, call the office on (01243) 533403