School Applications

Posted by kim on September 28, 2010
Weekly Pew Sheets

If you expect to make an application for a foundation
place for your child at any time in the future, please make sure that you have
written a note to Fr Richard at the Parish Office stating your intention. If you
expect to apply within the coming three years, make sure you are using the
Bishop Luffa register. And if you are applying this year, take a photocopy of
your completed application form, and give it to Fr Richard, or the Parish Office
Manager, to assist him in preparing the Church Support Form. The Admissions
Policy is on the school website, and the register is to operate the policy fairly
and accurately in the parish. Many (including Fr Richard, who is a Bishop
Luffa School Governor) find this method distasteful, but it’s the best way we
know; so if you can suggest an improvement …please do! Fr Richard is
glad to try to answer your questions and discuss any matters.