St Paul's Chichester

Sanctuary - Hospitality - Spiritual Encounter

St Paul's Church Prayer Card

Grant O Merciful Father,

that as your Holy Apostle Saint Paul,

received new vision and renewal of his calling by your Son Jesus Christ,

so we, your people at St Paul’s Chichester,

inspired and directed by your Word and Holy Sacraments;

and with the help of your Holy Spirit

may be renewed with love for you and power to witness and serve your world,

that we may grow in all goodness

through Jesus Christ your Son our Lord

who lives and reigns with you 

in the unity of the Holy Spirit

One God, now and forever.



Loving God,

show mercy on your people at St Paul's Chichester.

Help us to grow in knowledge of you,

multiply us that your kingdom may be seen in this parish,

and bless us, that we may be a blessing to your people and your world;

for the sake of our Saviour, Jesus Christ.