St Paul's Chichester

Sanctuary - Hospitality - Spiritual Encounter

A Strategy for our Life Together 2018 – 2023

Encountering God, Equipping his Church, Engaging with his World

As those seeking to know, love and follow Jesus we welcome everyone. We believe that God speaks a message of hope and forgiveness that is life-giving and life-changing - for us, for Chichester and the world. 

Who we are

We are a church with an open and liberal spirit, in which difference is accepted, faith can be questioned, and new ideas explored.  We are a thoughtful congregation and respect tradition. We gather to give glory to God through our worship and to be inspired and challenged in our discipleship. 


Our Vision

Our vision is that St Paul’s should be a place of hospitality, sanctuary and spiritual encounter, celebrating and expressing God’s generous and inclusive love.



Our Values


We are committed to:

  •    Good Communication – both within our congregation and with the wider parish.
  •    Accessibility and Inclusion – to allow everyone to feel welcome and valued.
  •    Safeguarding – in every area of church life.



Our Goals


Our prayer and discernment have led us to believe that we are called to be: 

  1.  A true parish church - rooted in the life of the city, responsive to local needs, and open to all.
  2. A place of imaginative and inspiring worship, with the Eucharist at our heart.
  3. A community of faith, committed to deepening our own discipleship and nurturing the faith of others, not least children and young people.
  4. A church that promotes a culture of inclusion, safeguarding, stewardship and good governance.
  5. A supportive and caring congregation, with strong mission links and a commitment to environmental sustainability.