St Paul's Chichester

Goal 5:  A supportive and caring congregation, with strong mission links and a commitment to environmental sustainability. 



Promote and support the work of Pastoral Care


·        Promote the work of the Pastoral care Team

·        Ensure that all members of the Team are trained, supported and safeguarded

·        Provide transport to the monthly tea at St Michael’s and to ‘special’ services


Review our mission links and our understanding of ‘mission partnership’

·         What does it mean to be a ‘partner in mission’?

·         Which of our mission links are most meaningful?  Can we deepen them?


Deepen our commitment to Fair Trade and Environmental Sustainability

·         As far as possible, ensure that we use only Fair Trade products

·         Ensure that Christian Aid Week is not eclipsed by other events

·         Form a new Eco group to help us maintain a keen environmental focus

·         Revive a culture in which environmental awareness shapes our decision-making

·         Ensure that the renovation of the church and parish centre is eco-friendly