St Paul's Chichester

Goal 4:  A church that promotes a culture of inclusion, safeguarding, stewardship and good governance.



Review the extent to which we are – or are not – an inclusive church

·         Take advice from those with particular awareness of inclusion

·         Improve access to the church and parish centre


Ensure that we are fully compliant with safeguarding and data regulations

·         Ensure that Safeguarding is a regular agenda item for the PCC

·         Ensure that data is stored and processed in accordance with GDPR


On the basis of this strategy, promote the stewardship of time, talents and money  

·         Inspire one another with a bold and realistic vision of our future as a church

·         Use the Year of Vocation to challenge ourselves about the meaning of discipleship


Review the job descriptions of our employees and volunteers, and their supervision needs

·         Ensure that all job descriptions and contracts of employment are fit for purpose

·        Provide supervision for office staff

·        Ensure that the Parish Office is adequately resourced

·         Research and implement good practice for the support and safeguarding of church volunteers


Improve the effectiveness of the PCC

·         Make use of diocesan training resources for PCC members

·         Consider how we might work together more effectively