St Paul's Chichester

Goal 1:  A true parish church - rooted in the life of the city, responsive to local needs, and open to all.



Clarify principles for the use of the Parish Centre

·         Prioritise its use.

·         Review its maintenance, caretaking and safeguarding

·         What other community needs might we be able to meet?


Redecorate and re-equip the church, both for worship and community use

·         Produce a Statement of Need (to include Parish Centre)

·         Install a new scheme of lighting and a wall-mounted screen and projector

·         Remove wall-hangings and find a better acoustic solution

·         Ensure that the Hunter organ is adequately maintained

·         Improve access to the church and redecorate the porch


Modernise and re-equip the Parish Centre to meet its future needs

·         Provide a brief for the parish architect, to include substantial kitchen improvement

·         Explore sources of grant-funding

·         Reduce energy loss; increase storage; completely redecorate


Develop and consolidate links with local schools

·         Develop closer links with Central Academy

·         Support Bishop Luffa through its Board of Directors

·         Maintain informal connections with the other schools in the parish