St Paul's Chichester

Our Historians

Dr Caroline Adams

I have been an Archivist and Historian all my working life. I am really interested in the history of Sussex, and the way in which documents can reveal what life was like for all aspects of society.  For twenty years I was Senior Archivist at West Sussex Record Office.  After leaving in 2014, I was able to work full-time on my own research and research for others.  I am a specialist in 16th and 17th century history.
Part of my work is to help people interpret documents that affect them, and I teach reading old handwriting, both through workshops and on a one-to-one basis. I also do that through research on their family, house or locality.  In addition, I have been running HLF projects, where people need help interpreting relevant archives to use in the project, and this has given me a sound knowledge of the history of Sussex.
I have been a member of the congregation at St Paul’s for 36 years, although it doesn’t seem a day!

Mrs Gillian Edom

Since 2007 I have worked in various roles on many Heritage Lottery funded projects.  In recent years this has mostly focused on oral history and I have had the privilege of listening to many people reminisce about the past, tell their life stories and share their perceptions of their lived experiences.  Some of the local projects I’ve particularly enjoyed working on are the Graylingwell Project, the Secrets of the High Woods project and more recently, the Sea’s “The Day” project telling the story of the fishermen of Selsey.


Mr Alan Green