St Paul's Chichester


Supporting our Mission Partners (CMS USPG Church Army, BEATS and SPCK)Sea Shantie

We organise a range of social events including the ever-popular Mission ECO BBQ, tea parties, Barn dance etc. in order to raise money for our mission partners in Southampton, The Lebanon and Indonesia.  

We also collect donations, toys etc. and try to share our knowledge of the mission projects we support through inviting speakers and providing updates on the mission board in the church porch.  Meetings are held 5 times per year at member’s houses. 

Group Leader:   Jennie Aitchison


Fridays at 12.30pm with a short presentation at 1.00pm
This year we were unable to issue envelopes for our Mission Partners so instead you are invited to join us on Zoom for a frugal lunch and put a donation aside to support our Mission Partners.  Each week we had an interesting talk by individuals from CMS,USPG,BEATs ,CHURCH ARMY and our friends at Alt Schonberg,Berlin  giving us an insight into the projects we are supporting.   

To make your donation:
Donations (cash or cheque payable to St Paul's PCC) should be placed in an envelope marked Mission and taken to the Parish Office once it is safe to do so.