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Oberammergau Passion Play 2020

Now for over 300 years, every ten years, the villagers of Oberammergau in Southern Germany, have produced a passion play in thanksgiving to God for deliverance from plague. The play is now world famous, and preparations are already well in hand for the next production in 2020. 

We are planning to take a group to see the play. It will be part of a holiday spending five days at St Gilgen in the Salzburg Lake District and concluding with two nights at Oberammergau ,with top grade tickets for the play. The holiday is being arranged by McCabe pilgrimages and the dates are 29th July to 5th August 2020

March 2019

Although it is still just over a year until the 2020 production of the play , preparations are  now well in hand.

Just before Christmas the names of the principle cast members were announced.  For 2020 over half the village , whose population is about 5000 have volunteered to take part. Jesus will be played by Frederick Mayet a 38 year old who works in theatre administration, who  played Jesus in 2010. He  will alternate with Rochus Ruckel  a 22 year old aerospace student

On Ash Wednesday  many of the men of the  village stopped  shaving in preparation for the  play. One tradition of the play is that only men who play Roman soldiers have short hair. Wigs are not used and so all the other men taking part stop shaving on Ash Wednesday the year before.

A group of 30 from St Paul’s  have booked  to see the play, and we will be joined by a smaller group, from Southampton.   Our group is now full.   However, anybody who has not yet booked and would now like to come, can  speak to me. We have a small waiting list, and I can also let you know of other groups in this area which do still have places , with top grade play tickets and accommodation  in or near the village. However, these are  now  limited  as tickets unsold by March  have  had to be returned to the village.

Richard More

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