St Paul's Chichester

Open the Book

The vision of Open the Book is for every child to hear the story of the Bible at school in their primary years’

Open the Book is a project run by Bible Society whose main aim is to offer Bible stories as part of school life. It is a programme of themed and dramatized Bible stories, around 10 minutes long, which fit comfortably into assembly / collective worship times in schools.  

Teams of volunteers from local churches go into school and present the stories in a lively, engaging and compelling way, which is welcomed by the teachers.

Since the 1970s, there has been a decline in Bible teaching in schools. This means children are missing out on the story that has played such a foundational role in British culture. Open the Book was developed in response to this as a simple, engaging way to offer Bible stories – and the grand picture of the Scriptures – back into school life. It gives children the opportunity to discover the wonder and wisdom of the Bible for themselves.

Open the Book began in Bedford in 1999, and the popularity of the programme has been proven over the years as it continues to launch in more schools every month.

St Peter’s and St. Paul’s formed a team over eighteen months ago and have been visiting the March School, Westhampnett, and Central School CE Academy.

Our team currently consists of eight members, but we would welcome anyone who would be interested in coming along to meet us and find out more. We rehearse on alternate Mondays in St Paul’s Church.

If you are tempted, please email: